Every summer as a kid the days seemed long and the hot air was everlasting.  The one thing that always made an extremely sweltering day better was something arctic and ice cold, and for two of my kids they yell "ICE CREAM!".   But not everyone loves ice cream, much like my youngest son and myself.  The one thing we want as a special treat is an ICE POP.  


As you may have guessed there are no fun places to get ice pops among the generous offerings of ice cream shops in town.  So the trip to find cool on a hot day was always a stop to the ice cream shop and then to the grocery store for a box of generic treats, not much fun in that :(  So I decided to make my own delicious, juicy and flavorful treats that seem to melt in your mouth.  I can taste the coolness on my lips as I type.  And that is how Glitter Pop Shop was born.  Yum!  Sorry, I was so into my memory I forgot to introduce myself.  My name is Andrea Dupuis.  My Husband Tyson, our three children, and our cute and fearless Yorkie named Glitter founded Glitter Pop Shop to bring back the refreshing to summer with a fresh twist!


Bringing Glitter Pop Shop to Missoula, Montana and partnering with local businesses, farmers and animal organizations was a no brainer.  Our gourmet, handcrafted pops are made with only the freshest and most flavorful ingredients (organic when I can get it).  I love the idea of giving people options, especially those who are dairy free, vegan, and gluten-free who still want a summery treat.


I dare you to try one and not love it today!

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